Harrison’s Little Wings Inc. is a not for profit organisation who provide Peer Support (for more details on our Peer Support meetings please click here)  and practical support to families who have been diagnosed with a extreme high risk pregnancy. We support those families who have the uncertainty of not knowing whether their baby will survive pregnancy. 

We also provide Precious Pregnancy Packs to families who have been diagnosed with a extreme high risk pregnancy. These packs contain valuable resources to families to help them make important decisions. 

We believe every family is unique and have different needs and we try and support that family where needed. Harrison’s Little Wings believes in supporting the family with practical services, resources and peer support. The uncertainty that our families face can cause a family to feel isolated, powerless, anger, and depression. Harrison’s Little Wings helps families realise they aren’t alone, and provide a wrap around service to these Precious families.

We are currently a not for profit that is listed on the Giving circle, if you would like to vote for Harrison’s Little Wings be in the running to win a part of $30 000 please click the image below to vote for us. You can kindly donate via this site as well, each dollar donated equates to another vote