Harrison’s Story

Harrison Alexandar McKenzie lived for only a short 28 hours due to an incurable condition called Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. His 28 hours of life was 28 hours of pure fight and courage from him. As a mother, to watch her baby fight so hard, and struggle, and to then watch your child lose that battle is the most heartbreaking tragedy a mother can ever experience.

Harrison’s life has changed our families life, and we were so blessed to meet our beautiful son and to have the most precious 28 hours with him. Harrison’s life has left a mark on our hearts, and we want to spread what we learnt from Harrison.

Harrison showed us that family is everything, and life is short, and with life you make it what you want. He taught me personally about having a passion, and fighting for something that you believe in. Through him I now speak to midwives about grief, and how they can help a grieving family. I have had such amazing opportunities to help Griffith University with their bereavement curriculum.

Through a devastating, and heartbreaking moment in our lives we also had love and such hope. This is what Harrison’s life was about, acting in love and living in hope for his life. During this difficult time we had the most generous people come into our lives, and we now hope that Harrison’s life gives some light into others lives that are going through a such a tragic time.

28 hours made a difference to this world.