Practical Support Program

Harrison’s Little Wings Inc Practical Support is a program that assist families through an extremely stressful time. We are a not for profit organisation that provides services such as house cleaning, yard maintenance, and general support. We tailor to each families needs as we understand that every family has their own needs in this time of hardship.

When a family is diagnosed with a high risk pregnancy it can be extremely overwhelming and very stressful. Each family has it’s own unique dynamics and each pregnancy that comes to us has it’s own uniqueness.

This is a quote by Melanie McKenzie in what she hopes Harrison’s Little Wings Inc can achieve and provide for families;

“Through a devastating, and heartbreaking moment in our lives we also had love and such hope. This is what Harrison’s life was about, acting in love and living in hope for his life. During this difficult time we had the most generous people come into our lives, and we now hope that Harrison’s life gives some light into others lives that are going through such a tragic time.”

Harrison’s Little Wings Inc Objectives are to provide practical support to families who suffer a congenital abnormality during pregnancy or are diagnosed with a ‘high risk’ pregnancy (a high risk pregnancy is one in which some condition puts the mother, the developing foetus, or both at a higher than normal risk for complications during or after the pregnancy and birth). We provide as much support as current resources permit, including:

  1. Support for family and friends of those with high risk pregnancies and help with understanding the emotional and physical toll the mother is experiencing.

  2. Information about medical, health and memory keeping services available to those experiencing a high risk pregnancy or perinatal death.

  3. Practical support to families during this time on a case by case basis

Some examples:

  • Mum of baby is bedridden, Dad has to keep going to work and with enormous amount of pressure of him to take on tasks around the house, Harrison’s Little Wings Inc can provide a cleaner to relieve this pressure so he can be in a less stressful position to support his partner through this pregnancy.
  • A family has been diagnosed with a Congenital Abnormality in pregnancy and Mum is stressed emotionally and has 3 other children to run around plus trying to fit in the extra appointments Harrison’s Little Wings Inc can provide a cleaner and financial support for car parking.

Harrison’s Little Wings Inc also provide support to family members who are wanting to support their loved one through this difficult time. We provide suggestions and work closely with family to provide what is needed by the Mum of baby. This can be as simply working with Mum of baby to put a roster into place for family members to make meals or help with baby sitting whilst Mum and Dad of baby are at appointments.

To apply for Harrison’s Little Wings Inc Practical Support Program